Sunday, 3 January 2010

The tree is down

Today, our Christmas tree came down. The decorations have been packed into boxes and I've been able to give the lounge a good vacuum and dust. By the time Emily is about to go back to school I am ready for Christmas to be over and everything packed away.
Decorations in boxes You can see out the window again. .
It's the same each year, once the decorations come down I want to start tidying the house and getting things back in order and up to date. Today I caught up on my ironing again and shredded a bag full of old paper work of Jon's which had been waiting for a while. I've started going through all my magazines to see which ones I want to keep and which ones to either pass on or recycle. The girls are both working on tidying their bedrooms and I can feel some calm returning to our home. It feels good!
Emily asked me a few days ago if I could teach her to crochet. She'd seen a pattern for a scarf and decided she wanted to have a go at making one. I'm really impressed at how she's picked it up and although she is just starting (for the second or third time) in this photo, the scarf is growing and her stitches are much neater and more even now. It's going to look really good when she finishes it. In this photo, she's been framed! Her idea ;o)
Hugh has just told me that he's been asked to become a staff member on a website he'd submitted a games review to. They liked what he'd written and have asked him to join them. This is really exciting for him because getting into journalism and writing for magazines or websites is something he would like to do full time. His first task is to get his bio written so he can be added to the staff page. I'm so pleased he's starting out on the road he wants to be on and hopefully good will come from it. The website is but it will take a little while before his review is up. Well done Hugh!!


  1. I am the same and have been decluttering and cleaning up the house as the decorations come down - I always have this urge to clear out closets and organize at this time of year....

    Thats fabulous news about Hughs job!! Congratulations! We have Bioware/ EA Games here in Edmonton - they make games such as Dragon Age: Origins etc and seem to be a fabulous company to work for - I know a few people who work there and they seem very good to their staff - I think these modern IT companies seem to know they need to hang on to their staff!!! I hope Hugh finds the same thing!!!

  2. Oh - I tried crochet last year - I could do one long row but couldn't find anyone to show me how to start the second I gave up - a friend was going to show me but we never seemed to get together...I learned how to get started via youtube videos but just couldn't figure out the second row ;) I think I should stick to french knitting dollies ;)

  3. It's the same here, Christmas is all boxed up again and the tree has gone to the Common for recycling. I also had the Dyson out and had DS running about the placce trying to avoid it!
    Well done to Hugh.

  4. Congratulations to Hugh; what a great way to begin.

    I have started the decluttering; I've done a major rehaul of my closet, but I'm holding onto the tree and Christmas decorations for one more week. We have friends coming to dinner on Wednesday. After that, I'll be ready.

  5. My tree is also clear of decorations but I still have to take down the Christmas cards. Dad will pack the tree away when he gets back from town.
    You forgot to tell me about Hugh this morning. That is wonderful news I am so pleased for him. That is a start and hopefully he will go on to bigger things.
    Lots of love. xxx