Saturday, 13 February 2010

Carrying on yesterday :)

I didn't get round to blogging again yesterday evening but I did carry on taking photos :). While I was in town yesterday I popped in to, the now reopened after the fire, WH Smiths. The shop has been changed around slightly but nothing drastic and it was good to be able to go back in again. They had the latest of the Crochet partworks and I decided to buy it. As it comes with some wool, I started crocheting the latest block for the sample throw you're supposed to make (if you buy all the issues). It was quite different to any crocheting I've done before - a rib pattern - and I finished it off last night. Jane, have you given up on crocheting now or do you want the pattern? ;)There's a pattern for some crocheted boxes using this stitch which I may try and make. If I get that far I'll show them on another blog post.
Emily was feeling energetic last night and did some WiiFit. She did 20 minutes of step on it (which came to over 1800 steps) as well as other exercises. I think the Kung Fu one was probably her favourite. Good going Emily!
Claire was also energetic last night and went to the gym with her boyfriend. They signed up this week and have been twice so far. I'm not too happy with the fact that they haven't had an induction and have been told they can go ahead and use the machines. Whenever I've joined a gym before (but I never last which is why I don't have a gym membership anymore) they've always said you have to be shown how to use all the machines properly before you're allowed to go on them by yourself. Apparently this isn't the case at this gym! No names mentioned!
And finally after seeing a number of people saying how much they enjoyed this book I got Claire to get me a copy. I started reading it last night and found I kept wanting to read just one more of the letters and then one more after that, until I had to just mark my place and close the book. It's different to my normal chick lit ;) and I'm enjoying it.
Today got off to a slow start but I'll be going out in about half an hour to pick up Mum and Dad to take them to The Broadway for lunch with Kyle and Emma. I know it looks like we go to The Broadway every Saturday for lunch but that honestly isn't the case; the last three weeks have been the exception rather than the rule, lol!
Hope you enjoy your weekend (and Valentines Day if you celebrate it). We're also looking forward to a week of not having to get up early next week as Emily is now on half term break - yippee!!


  1. I love that book! You really will enjoy it! Hope you & E have a great half-term week.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I really want to read that book too! And the other reminder, I really want to try crochet... Happy Valentine's to you too x

  3. So glad you're enjoying the book - it's such a sweet and lovely story :) I love the letter format :)

    I have put the crochet to one side for now - I am a little addicted to knitting for now BUT I know I will try crocheting again in the future because I don't like to give up on things - but I don't think I'm ready for a pattern yet!

    I taught myself to purl knit yesterday which was something new.....

    Your crochet looks so neat and tidy but mine looked a mess when I did the second row - like a blob - and when Val showed me how to do it, it looked the same - a blob - I want to be able to make it look like yours! Then I get frustrated and give up ;) lol!

    knitting seems easier!!