Saturday, 13 February 2010


Sorry if you're fed up seeing the kittens, feel free to skip this post if you are ;). I can't believe we've had them three weeks already - this time next week we can start letting them out; yikes!! I think Mac would love to go outside to explore. He's sat looking out the door a few times today! Not too long now.
Bellatrix was also looking out the door but from a more comfortable position ;) This chair is at the end of my desk
And one a little bit closer because she is so pretty!


  1. It is hard to believe it's been three weeks already. We let our cats out in the warmer months - and Kitty keeps climbing out of our bedroom window and jumping down but it's so cold that he soon comes running to the kitchen door to come back in!!!

    Most people over here though do NOT let their cats out!! Some places have bylaws where you are not allowed to let your cats out - they HAVE to be house cats and stay inside unless they are on leashes. It is to prevent strays and over breeding of cats and other issues.....and many people think its cruel to let cats outside.....I am so used to letting cats be outside creatures that to me it seems odd NOT to let them go out - it seems almost cruel when they sooooo WANT to be outside!!! They live longer inside but I think they are happier when they get to go outside.....

  2. Could never get fed up of them - they're sooo cute!! :-)

  3. LOVE the kitty-cat pictures! >^..^<

  4. Love that crocheted square. I can do a straight knit and purl, but nothing else. I really liked that book as well, and learned a bit, too.