Sunday, 7 February 2010

Happy Birthday Faith

Today is my niece, Faith's 17th birthday. Louise (her mum) and I were just talking this morning and saying somehow 16 doesn't seem such a big deal but then they hit 17 and it feels more significant. They're no longer Sweet 16 but becoming young adults. We'll be popping round later for tea and birthday cake. Faith has always got on well with both Claire and Emily as she's right in the middle of them (3 years older than Emily and 3 years younger than Claire - give or take a few months). This photo of the three of them was taken on Faith's birthday last year.
Another photo of the three of them taken in July 2007. I love seeing how they're all growing up into beautiful young women.
We hope you have a wonderful birthday Faith!


  1. Three beautiful granddaughters who are very much loved. Happy birthday to Faith, looking forward to seeing you later. xxx

  2. Lovely photos, my sister and I were very close to our cousins when we were children, but not so much now. We moved away and they stayed put.