Saturday, 6 February 2010

A walk with Cloud

When we got home after lunch I decided to take Cloud for a walk and get my exercise for the day. We went a slightly different route again and this time cut through one estate to get into another. One of the paths between roads goes through this little wooded area. It's really pretty and I love seeing it in different seasons. At the bottom of these steps is this little pond.
The sun was reflected in the water, as well as the trees.
We eventually came out in the High Street where, looking left, you can see some of the Tudor buildings. I love that we have such old buildings in the town.
Turning right we walked past Daisy Chain florists, who are getting ready for Valentines Day.
Past Sackville College. I love this building and it's history. Robert Sackville, Earl of Dorset, left money to build an almshouse and to this day it still provides accommodation for elderly people. It recently celebrated it's 400th anniversary.
We then carried on along this road, out of town and back to our house. That was my 30 minutes of exercise for the day. It wasn't too cold - the temperature got up to around 8C and was quite pleasant. Ready for a cup of tea now.
Hope you're enjoying your afternoon too.


  1. Your town is so lovely! East Grinstead isn't a pretty name but it's such a lovely town! I can't wait to see pictures with Spring and Summer colour!

    We had Almshouses in our village growing up and i loved the history of them.

    I am so enjoying your pictures and your walks!!! thank you!

  2. I love those woodland pics too :-) Look forward to seeing the same scene at different times of the year x

  3. I don't know your part of the world at all, but it does look very pretty.

  4. I'm loving these photo walks around your town. Such a charming place!