Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pancakes have been made :)

We had our pancakes for dinner and most of the stewed apples got eaten. There's still a little bit of batter left for me to make some for Hugh when he gets home (if I'm still up - otherwise I'll make them and let him microwave them to heat them up again). I can't believe I didn't remember to take photos before everyone started eating :( This photo was taken while I was making some for Craig (Claire's boyfriend) when he got here. xx


  1. We had pancakes too :-) I stuck to sugar and lemon on mine, but the rest of the family experimented with golden syrup, chocolate spread and chocolate sauce (not all on the same pancake!!)

  2. I forgot all about pancakes! Don't forget to send me your address for your PS win.

  3. Yes pancakes here too - they have them at school here as well so the children got double helpings but we do them English style (or dutch style as they call them here lol) in the evenings.

    I'm afraid I don't have a recipe for the American style ones - we just buy the packets of mix and use that as it's sooooo easy :) It makes fabby waffles too and Susannah makes the pancakes/ waffles at the weekends....