Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Valentines Day

Emily had been going to do homework this morning and I was going to do two baskets full of ironing :( Instead, we went to Crawley to see Valentines Day :) I couldn't get over how many famous names were in it! It was a fun movie with a feel good ending. We enjoyed it and came out smiling - despite the cold, grey, rainy day! :)
Emily has made a start on her homework but I haven't started on the ironing :os - it might have to wait for tomorrow morning as I'm about to go and feed the animals and then make a start on getting things ready for pancakes tonight. Are you having pancakes at your house? What do you like on them? We're pretty boring here, tend to stick to all the sweet things - sugar, cinnamon and sugar (with or without lemon juice), chocolate spread. I'm thinking I might try some stewed apples tonight as well and see how whether they get eaten.


  1. lol I just unwittingly answered your question on your post above! Sugar and lemon for me, definitely :-)

  2. Sarah and Adam were planning to see this last night. I wouldn't mind seeing it too.

  3. Forgot to answer the question: we like chopped apples and nuts (walnuts or pecans) right in the pancakes with syrup on top.

  4. Laurence went to see that movie with friends on Valentines Day - I hear it's very much like 'Love Actually' with many stories all kind of intermingled....so I am looking forward to seeing it :)

    Laurence really enjoyed it! He is like Lloyd and loves a chick flick :) Lloyd loved The Time Travellers Wife on Sunday :)

    I buy the tinned apple pie filling and use that on my waffles/ pancakes!! But on my English style pancakes which we ONLY have on pancake day, I just have a tiny bit of syrup and some sugar. I don't like lemon juice. I do like the crepes on Brighton Pier with bananas and chocolate though ;)