Sunday, 28 February 2010

Which photo to use?

I haven't decided which photo to use for my photo a day tag book (yes, I'm still up to date with this project and will be printing out March's tags tomorrow :)
I've wrapped a couple of baby presents I need to post and the quilt is ironed and waiting for it's tissue paper and box then I can post it too. Looking at them like this, I quite like the bottom photo - any comments?
It's been a very quiet weekend here. Emily is still not feeling 100% and now has a streaming cold as well as the sore throat :( Might well be another day off school tomorrow if her temp doesn't come down. Also Theresa, if you read this, I hope you're feeling better soon and call me if you need any help.


  1. I like both pictures Rhona and can't quite decide which you should choose. We never are good at making decisions, are we?
    Hope Emily will soon be better and also Theresa and we are also here if help is needed. xxx

  2. Gorgeous pics - but I agree, the second one has a certain 'something' :-) Hope E recovers soon x

  3. Definitely the 2nd photo. Did you know that there is a Quilt Exhibition on at the V&A?

  4. I like both pictures too I'm not much use - but that quilt exhibition sounds fab! We have a good one here every Sept. I missed it here last year!