Monday, 1 March 2010

Glimpses from today

After shopping today I had time to drop Mum back home, drop my shopping at home, make Hugh's sandwich for work, check Emily was ok (yes, she was off again today but should be back at school tomorrow) and then head out to the hairdressers to have my highlights topped up :)
Back to being blonde :)Spent a good part of this afternoon giving the kitchen a good clean and changing a few bits around to see if I prefer it or not. I love the splash of colour the orchids on the windowsill give, they keep me happy when it's grey outside :) Mum gave me this duck a few years ago and it was sitting on the kitchen window sill where no one saw it. I've moved it to the bay window for now and it may move again. But for now, we'll all be able to see it!
Tulips!! Spring is on it's way (sigh!! happy smile :) )I can't wait!
Now I'm off to have a cup of tea and relax


  1. Lovaduck!! Love the duck ;-) Also love the hair (must get mine done...) and well done with the cleaning, that I can do without! x

  2. Love the peek into your kitchen. I have violets in the window over my sink, but sadly none are blooming now. I think they need more sun--like me!

  3. Wow you look like Emily so much from that angle!

    Yay Spring is on the way - doesn't it feel so good? :) I love having glimpses of peoples homes in their blogs - I feel like I know them just that little better :) Silly isn't it??? :)

    Lovely family snapshots in he picture!