Friday, 5 March 2010

A bit busier today

I wanted to make a doctor's appointment for Emily this morning and was ready to phone at 8am but I'd forgotten they have staff training on a Friday and don't start taking calls until 9am. At 9 I tried again but it took me ages to get through. We finally got an appointment for 12.10pm. Claire was off work today too so, I left the two girls at home and went to keep a breakfast appointment with my friend Helena. We went to Wetherspoons but the only thing they could offer off their breakfast menu was bacon rolls or toast because they'd run out of oil! We didn't mind and ordered bacon and toast and had tea and coffee to go with it. At £2.80-something I don't think we could have got better value for money anywhere else.
The Doctor confirmed what I thought might be the case, Emily has tonsillitis and has been given antibiotics to try and clear it. I'm now really glad I took her otherwise who knows how long this might have gone on for. I hoping the antibiotics kick in soon and she starts to feel a bit better.
After the Doctors we went to Waitrose because I wanted to see if I could got some shortening to make the peanut butter cookies on Deb's blog - they look yummy! Ruth had managed to get some Crisco and I thought I might be able to get some at our Waitrose, but no such luck! I bought some Flora White and hope it'll work the same!
This afternoon I was sitting out in the garden with my tea and reading my Prima magazine when Cloud decided to chase the kittens! Mac ran straight up the tree and the more I called him the further up he went! Can you spot the black blob in the tree lol!
If not, here he is - zoomed in!
Emily came out to try and get him down but when she held her arms up to get him he jumped down quite happily! It's so funny watching the kittens getting used to the outdoors :)
While outside I noticed the buds on this bush - I know it's one of the first to flower in Spring, won't be too long!
My cushion in the sun (being blocked by my shadow!) Jane took a photo of her shadow earlier this month and when I saw this photo it reminded me of hers ;o)
The crocuses in the flower bed had opened up more. They're quite striking, aren't they!
And finally, feeding time at the zoo ;o) - Emily had just got the kittens food (note how they're looking up at her expectantly) and the others were waiting for me to stop taking photos and feed them ;o). Cloud is wearing a cone as she keeps licking/scratching herself and has now made herself quite sore. The cone helps with the licking but unfortunately, not with the scratching. The vet thinks it could be partly because of Wallace not being here any more and they used to virtually be on top of each other all the time! Hopefully we'll get it cleared up soon!


  1. Poor Emily - hope the meds kick in soon x

    Lovely pictorial account of your day! My Prima mag arrived today too, so that's what I'll be reading tonight...

  2. That's a lot of pets! Hope Emily feels better much soon and do let me know how your cookies turn out. Mine are rapidly disappearing!

  3. Laurence now has the same as Emily - I do wish she wouldn't spread her germs via facebook ;) I took a picture of his tonsils lol but trying to get the picture was difficult because he kept giggling!

    I hope Emily is better fast!!

    Isn't it lovely sitting outside? I sat outside for most of the morning today wit my macbook and it just so gorgeous! All I could hear was birds and the sound of water running from the melting snow :)

  4. I'm glad you got your girl to the doctor and on some meds. I had tonsilitis so many times when I was young - never had the tonsils out though and sometimes they still give me fits.

    You'll have to let us know how the cookies turn out. I'm hoping the Flora White will do the trick. Someone had mentioned that shortening is lard, and it is a bit like lard, but it's a vegetable based product. Anyway, I hope you have good luck with them.

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope Emily gets better soon!


  5. Usually the antibiotics do the trick; here's hoping Emily is soon feeling better. You're lucky the kitty came down so easily! Love the sight of those spring flowers.