Thursday, 4 March 2010

Things are quiet

Emily went back to school on Tuesday but wasn't feeling great when she got home. She was sick Wednesday morning and her glands are swollen again today so she's been off school for the last two days. I think I'll be taking her to the Doctor's tomorrow :(
Mum and I went in to Crawley yesterday morning (Hugh and Claire both had the morning off work and were at home with Emily) and Mum got the makeup she needed. We also went to M&S because I can't go to Crawley without coming home with their breaded chicken pieces - a firm favourite in our household :) . Unfortunately I didn't take any photos while we were there because, to be honest, Crawley's not the prettiest place I've ever been to and the gardens are still waiting to wake with spring flowers.
Emily wanted me to sit with her in the afternoon and she, Claire and I ended up watching the last of the episodes from the series of ER I'd been watching. I'm now out of ER and need to get the next series. We then started watching House (Season 4) - another series we started watching after everyone else but luckily my friend, Sarah, has been lending us series as we work our way through them. Think we're on the last disc of Season 4 now.
This doesn't have anything to do with anything else, it's just in my craft area, I like it and decided to take a photograph today :)
I spent this morning doing 3 baskets of ironing (groan!!) but at least it's now up to date and I don't have to think about it any more. This afternoon has been spent pottering around, watching Glee and getting my March tag book up and running. Photos are printed out, notes are taken so journaling just has to be written out and we're on our way. My sister, Norma has decided to join in from this month so I'm looking forward to seeing her tag books too.
Time to make dinner (salad and chicken for me). I did lose 3.5 lbs following the weight watchers plan last week, I'm having some ups and downs this week but trying to stay on track. Have to stay focused!!
Have a good evening


  1. M&S breaded chicken is delish ~ we eat a lot of it, particularly with salad in the summer months.

  2. Sorry to hear that your girl is still feeling poorly.

    Love the picture of the little hanging heart! xo

  3. Poor Emily! Hope the doc can do something to help x

    Ironing? What's that? ;-)

  4. Lol @ Mel - I don't iron anything - except hama bead pictures the kids make lol!

    So sorry to hear Emily is still not well! Hope she is better soon!! I could never get in to House - couldn't stand his fake American accent ;) But over here they LOVE him and can't quite believe he is really British ;) lol!