Sunday, 7 March 2010

Do you get this??

I needed a photo for today's entry in my tag book and thought one of Emily on her laptop would be ideal. She'd been doing some homework and researching online, I'd been on my computer and Jon on his. I went through to take the photo and this is what I got .....
Great, aren't they!!!!!
I think this one may be my photo for today instead!


  1. lol!! Most pics of me are something like that.... You should still put one of them in, I think, as it does represent her and where she's at - worth capturing that moment :-)

  2. I know someone else who doesn't like having her photograph taken. Now, who could that be? xxx

  3. I think Emily just wants to be a Drama Queen when she is older. She's practicing now, so nobody will be surprised later!!

  4. My boys are normally like that - and I worry that it won't be long before it's the girls too. Chris REALLY doesn't like to have his picture taken. He will sulk on birthdays that he has to have his picture taken by the birthday cake.....he calls me the photo-nazi ;)

    Rhonas Mom - whoever could you mean????? ;)