Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My Girls :)

These photos were taken yesterday. Claire is on leave this week and had bought herself the new Alice in Wonderland game for DS. She's obviously multi tasking though seeing as she has her computer on her lap as well ;)
Emily was still off school but as this was her third day on antibiotics she was starting to feel a little bit better. She went back to school today but is still not feeling 100%. I'm hoping that she'll feel a little bit better with each day that passes. Think her antibiotics last until Thursday morning.


  1. They're both so beautiful :-) Lovely pics x

  2. Oh I bet that DS game is good! Poor Emily seems to have had a much worse time with her tonsils than Laurence :( His tonsils are still HUGE but he feels fine really - a little tired maybe. I wasn't sure whether to send him to school though because of the size of his tonsils so he has been at home. I like having him though so thats fine with me - and he isn't keen on school really so he is happy to stay home ;)

    I hope Emily is fully better soon!!!

  3. PS aren't laptops wonderful??? ;)

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