Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dog walk

Today, when I took Cloud out for her walk, we went a different route. I turned up this path to see where it led to.
We eventually came out just down from the main road. Where we live there is a hill which ever way you go and the one near our house is a killer. This route we took today seemed much easier to me and is one I will certainly use again ;o)
When we get to the top of the hill and turn left, Emily's school is just across the road. It takes her about 5 minutes to walk to school and home again.
The Forest Way path goes down to Forest Row on an old railway track.
Heading up the hill in to town we see the Church clock tower
and pass Sackville College.
The start of the High Street. The Rose and Crown pub, which is the Tudor style building you can see in this photo, is where Dad had his 80th birthday lunch last September.
Cloud and I take the road to the left of the cook shop in Middle Row,
it's certainly a lot easier going down this hill than walking up it :o).
We took a round about route today which led us past our old house. We lived in this house for nearly 5 years before moving to the next one. Seven years after that we moved to the house we currently live in. I think seven years in one house is the record in our marriage, I wonder how long we'll live in this one ;o)
Finally, a thank you to Mel for talking about Turkish Delight hot chocolate on her blog. I was in Waitrose today and saw some, bought it and tried it tonight for the first time. It is yummy! (if you like Turkish Delight that is ;o) ) and best of all, I can still have it on Weight Watchers! Thanks Mel!


  1. Hopefully, someday, I shall be able to tackle these uphill walks into town. I do miss my long walks. xxx

  2. lol! No problem :-) It's probably my favourite flavour of Options!

    Love the idea of exploration on your daily walks - it's really interesting to see the photos x

  3. I love that first photo could use it as the basis for all sorts of layouts. And it's really interesting to see your route too.

  4. I love the pictures documenting your walk. Your town is so lovely and so very different from the scenery I see on my morning walk. I MUST document mine with photos and share them, although mine won't be nearly as exciting as yours. My walk is mostly cement and southwestern style pretty shops or curvy streets or bridges.

    Sigh. I want to walk where you walk...

  5. I need to "ditto" Deb today... :-) Love the pictures and think it is sooo neat that you get to live there in that part of the world. I have lived in Arizona since I was 4 years old and cactus is starting to look pretty boring. Plus, the history and architecture is wonderful there. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your world.