Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Kitty capers and daffodils

I'd been speaking to Michelle on the phone while sitting outside in the sun and as I got up to go indoors again, I saw these daffodils! Great excitement!! I had to grab my camera to take photos ;o)
They still look a bit straggly but they are daffodils none the less. Spring is coming :o)
The kittens came out to see what I was doing and kept me entertained for ages. WARNING: If you're fed up looking at photos of our kittens I'd stop reading now and come back another day ;o). (These are just some of the 60+ photos I took today!)
I had been lying on the grass taking the photo of the daffodils and turned round to get these shots of the kittens playing
They are so funny together, still chasing each other and play fighting.
I think Bellatrix is just showing Mac who's boss ;o)
Animal camouflage (would have been an ideal shot for Emily's art homework!)
She reminds me of a little doll (cat one - obviously!) ;o)
Mac enjoyed lying in Charlie's favourite spot and soaking up the sun.
Now, on the next two, I was experimenting with taking photos in mid day sun. I've read so often that you should use your flash as a fill flash to get better results. I realise on cats you can't eliminate the shadows under the eyes ;o) but it was interesting anyway. The one above is the photo taken without using the flash (straight out of the camera).
And for this one I popped the flash up (also straight out of the camera). I can see a difference - especially on the white of Mac's chest. Now I'll need to find a willing model to see what a difference it makes on the eyes and whether it helps as much as it's supposed to. I just need a person and a sunny day to experiment with.
Bellatrix makes the weirdest clicking noises when she sees something she'd like to catch. I don't know what she'd spotted but I caught her just as she was making the noise.
Cloud was getting fed up with me taking photos of the kittens lol! She badly needs to go to the dog parlour but each time I think her side is healing she scratches it again and opens the wound. :o(
Bellatrix decided to get my attention again by climbing up the tree
Then Mac decided to join her - and neither of them are very good at getting down again.
Bellatrix ended up hanging on by her paw (she wouldn't let me help her - each time I went close she climbed up again) while her foot tried to find the fence. So funny!!
Mac on the bottom branch - shall I jump or not?
And then very casually climbed over the fence into next doors garden.
I was talking to Amy, next door, yesterday and asked if she'd seen the kittens yet. She laughed and told me there have been a few evenings when they've come home and both kittens are in their lounge with their cat, Charlie (yes, we both have cats called Charlie). How embarrassing! They've made themselves at home and go in and out of their cat flap as well as ours - I'm just glad we have neighbours who like cats! I've told her to send them on their way but she says they don't cause a problem. It'll be a different story when Amy's baby is born in May but she says she'll just keep the kitchen door closed. :o)


  1. Thats too funny about the cats going next door :) Great pictures - aren't you just LOVING Spring?? :)

  2. Lovely sots ... all of them!

  3. Great pics of the cats! I love daffodils. Ours are peeking up through the ground.

  4. Our local daffs are teasing us - they grew a couple of weeks ago, but no sign of any blooms yet!

    Lovely cat pics x