Friday, 9 April 2010

20 Today

Today is Claire's 20th birthday - no longer a teenager! We now only have one teenager left in the house ;o). Birthdays here always start with present opening first thing in the morning but Claire kindly let Emily sleep in a little later than she would normally because it's still school holidays. Jon had arranged to work from home so he was also here to see Claire open her presents.
The cupcake balloon was a big hit! Claire likes to open the cards first and then starts on the presents.
She had really enjoyed Doctor Parnassus when she saw it at movies and was glad she got the DVD.
Showing the mobile phone charm she got for her charm bracelet.
We normally go out for dinner as a family when it's someones birthday but as Claire is going out with friends for dinner tonight, the family went to Prezzo for lunch. As always the food was delicious (but I forgot to take any photos!)
Jon toasts Claire with his coke.
Sarah and Hugh
We hadn't been home long before it was time for extended family to come round for coffee and cake.
Jon brings in the birthday cake
Tyler was on hand to help blow out all the candles ;o)
We've had lovely weather for the last couple of days and are making the most of it, so we sat outside to have our cake.
Tyler has such an active imagination and spent the afternoon happily amusing himself (and anyone else who was prepared to listen)
Alyssa was looking very cute (as always) and happily sat on her great grandmothers lap, chewing her hands ;o)
Look at that smile - she's such a happy little girl!
In this photo Tyler was showing me his potion to make it warmer. One of his imaginary games - as well as working on a building site, dusting a sattelite, swimming in the sea and I'm sure there a few more this afternoon. Love a child with an imagination!
Claire is now getting ready to go out for her Cowboy themed dinner - I believe she'll be wearing a stetson, checked shirt, jeans and boots! Enjoy the rest of your birthday Claire. We love you lots xxxxx


  1. Happy Birthday to Claire!!
    I have one turning 20 at the end of June!

  2. Happy birthday to the mommy-to-be! :o)

  3. Happy Birthday Claire. I hope you had a fun night out!

  4. Happy birthday Claire! Look like she had a great time :-)

  5. Happy Birthday! And congrats to you both!