Monday, 12 April 2010

Gift card envelope and kittens

Life is busy at the moment, lots going on but I am back to having little room on my computer so I haven't been editing all my photos. I hope to order an external hard drive this week and then I should be back in business :o). In the meantime, I'll continue using photos I've already edited and hope they don't run out too soon.
I meant to show this little gift card envelope I made for Claire's birthday and then missed it out somehow! I had kept the paper template I made when I made Sarah's envelope which made making this one so much easier. I kept it simple but stuck with the polka dots ( see wrapping paper underneath the envelope) and used some thickers letters I had already. The flower was made using my favourite punches and both sides of the patterned paper. Claire loved it, which was the main thing, and has decided she's going to frame it ;o)
Our weekend has been fairly busy. We had beautiful weather and managed to get a braai (barbeque) in on Saturday. Unfortunately I didn't think to take any photos at the time! Too busy organising food etc. It was so good to be able to sit outside and eat, lots more of that to come I hope!
More kitten photos now. In the top one we think Bellatrix had been stung by a bumble bee. She thinks it's great fun to pounce on them and play with them but this time I think the bumble bee got the upper paw! She came limping inside, jumped on the sofa and tucked her sore paw under her chin and went to sleep :o(
Maybe it'll teach her not to play with bumble bees in future!
We can see now why the Cats Protection people didn't want these two seperated when they homed them. We often find them lying curled up together - sometimes in the weirdest positions - but they are so cute. In the top one they were enjoying the sunshine lying in the flower bed.
And here curled up on the sofa! We do have another one where it looks like Bellatrix is about to bit Mac's neck - it would fit in well with Mel's recent posts which included mention of dracula ;o)
Hope to have some of the more recent photos up soon.
Happy Birthday once again to my nephew, Max, who turned 19 today.


  1. Just been catching up with your blog after my week away ~ congratulations on the baby news!

  2. Aargh, vampire cat lol! Love that gift card envelope xx

  3. Aw! ADORABLE cat pictures! >^..^<

  4. Cute kitties, and I love the bright colors of Claire's card.

  5. Aww your cats are just like mine :) best friends :)