Sunday, 25 April 2010

Spring Layout

As I lay in bed last night thinking about how much I have been enjoying Spring this year, I thought I should make a layout about it. So, after work this morning I made a start and I've just finished it (in between doing the washing and making lunch ;o) ) With hindsight I would have done the journaling a little differently - so that the brads lined up with the gap between the photos - but I'm not going to redo it now. I'm quite happy with the end result and like the "spring" colours used in it.
We've been waiting and wondering when our Cherry tree would start flowering - no more waiting, this weekend the flowers have started opening :o) Aren't they beautiful!
I hope you're enjoying the weekend too!


  1. I love cherry blossom! I seem to be photographing it every day just lately!

  2. That last cherry blossom photo is truly beautiful Rhona.