Sunday, 25 April 2010

Updated layout

After posting the layout I decided I wasn't quite happy with it (and not the journaling this time). It didn't seem to feel complete to me. I've now added a pink mat to the photos and journaling and feel much happier. The green is more lime green IRL but it isn't showing it properly in the photo :o(. PS> I have stuck the corners down a bit better now too ;o) xx


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes layouts apart and puts them back together again. Sometimes I don't see the problem until I take a photo of it, and it's so clear what needs to be done, I wonder how I missed it. The pink mat makes a huge improvement and really brings out the beautiful colors of the blossoms in the photo.

  2. Karen is so right - I often can't see what I want or what is missing until I've photographed it! The pink mat looks fabulous and it really lifts the entire layout :-)

  3. Just enjoyed catching up with your posts, Rhona :-) The layout looked pretty good to start with, but it looks fab now! xx