Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

This is a quick photo recap of the past few days.
Chrissie and Helen
My niece, Helen and her girlfriend, Chrissie are over from Chicago at the moment. They arrived in East Grinstead on Saturday at lunch time so after picking them up from the station, we went to The Broadway for lunch (this seems to be becoming a habit with visitors here!). On Sunday we popped into town in the morning and then had a braai (bbq) in the afternoon. Although the sun was out there was quite a strong wind but we were brave and toughed it out outside while we ate before hurrying back inside ;o) Today the girls went to Arundel Castle with Deb and Dave and this evening we all met up for a Thai meal at Mae Ping. The food was wonderful and quite filling. Thanks Dave and Deb for a lovely meal.
Deb and Dave
Emily and Hugh
Jon and myself.
Unfortunately, Claire and Craig didn't make it to the meal as Craig ended up in Minor Injuries at the Queen Victoria Hospital about an hour before we were due to leave. He had been playing football with friends, landed awkwardly and hurt his ankle. They ended up being at the hospital until about 9pm and I went and picked them up after getting home from the meal. Fortunately it doesn't look like anything has been broken and is just a severe strain. Craig will be off work for the week and has been told to put ice on it at regular intervals. I was a bit surprised they hadn't bandaged it up but perhaps that's in case of more swelling?? He's taken some ibuprofen and they've headed off to bed now.
But to end on a happier note, I thought I'd show you the photo I took for my tag book a few days ago. It shows the little baby things Claire has started buying. So exciting!! She's now 16 weeks and looking forward to her 20 week scan.
I hope you've had a good weekend too :o). Emily is on half term this week so not quite as much rushing around and I'll try and post a bit more regularly.


  1. I just wrote you a loooooong comment but I can't find it. Did it come thru at all... Grandma??

  2. You are such a busy lady at the moment Rhona!

  3. Nice family pix...and I love seeing all the baby stuff!!! :o)

  4. thanks for the photos of the girls and what you have all been up to, really liked them. happy belated birthday, looked like fun.