Thursday, 3 June 2010

The week is flying by

Emily is on half term and I can't believe how quickly it's going - Friday tomorrow already!! Here are a few more photos ;o)
Claire hadn't had a chance to see much of Chrissie and Helen as she had been working and had other commitments while they were here. On Tuesday we met up with her during her lunch hour for a quick meal at Wetherspoons, which isn't far from her work. One of the things I love about Simon and Liz's children and our own is that no matter how long it's been since they last saw each other, they always get on so well together! It's been so much fun getting to see Simon, Richard and Henry at Easter and now Helen, the only one we haven't seen this year is Liz. Must be your turn next Liz!
Chrissie and Helen
Hugh, Claire and Emily
The girls went on to London yesterday for the final stage of their holiday and Emily and I headed down to Eastleigh in Hampshire. We met up with Michelle, Matthew and Joshua and headed down to Poole in Dorset so I could see The Guildhall where Michelle and Matthew are getting married in July, and also to have a wander round the surrounding area to see where we may be able to take some photos after the wedding.
By the time we got to Poole, it was lunch time and we decided to eat first and then walk around the old part of the town. We found an Italian restaurant near the marina which had windows all round so we could watch the world go by.
The Guildhall.
Emily and Josh wanted to be in the photo too!
Further down the road you come to the old town which has some beautiful stone buildings. Not quite sure what was going on here but they were happy to pose, which is most unusual!
Matthew down on one knee for a proposal shot ;o).
Now a few of the happy couple :o)
Loved this stone building and it's chimneys
And these doors were just asking for a boy/girl photo :o)
The weather was glorious and after exploring the area, we were more than ready for something cold to drink.
Thank you Michelle, Matthew and Josh, we really enjoyed our afternoon in Poole and are looking forward to being there for the wedding in 4 weeks time! Yikes, we better start looking for outfits ;o)


  1. The Guildhall is stunning, perfect for a wedding! And I love that shot of the two of them in the door ways.

  2. Great photos, Rhona! Makes me want to go there!!!

  3. Rhona, you'll get great shots around Poole by the looks of things - great architecture always helps!

  4. That doorway photo is fantastic! (I love the others too but that's my favourite!)