Monday, 28 June 2010

Family Gathering

On Saturday we had a family gathering at our house. My nephew, Shane and his wife, Emma were up from Havant and it seemed the perfect opportunity as we hadn't got all the family together at one time since Norma had arrived. I think there were twenty of us in total, including the little ones, and the weather couldn't have been kinder - we got to sit outside, around the table and on the grass.
Some of the family
Alyssa looked very cute and was so good at letting us take photos.
Sitting with big brother, Tyler. Alyssa's face in this one is just so funny!! Claire reckons she looks like a pirate! ;)
Craig and Claire
Emma and Shane
My brother, Iain
Jon certainly had his work cut out with all the meat he had to braai.
Alyssa and her toys, she kept going all afternoon and was as good as could be.
I caught Tyler unaware in this one. He'd been playing lots and was ready for a little break.
Theresa, Tyler and Alyssa's Mum :)
Food time!
Finding a spot of shade
And in this one, Tyler told me he'd had enough photos taken for today!
We're having so much fun with Norma here. I hadn't made plans to be doing lots but I don't think there's been one day so far where we've spent the whole day at home. Things just seem to come up and we're going with the flow. I have plenty more photos but I'm not getting on the computer much at the moment. I'll add Norma's blog to my sidebar and you can catch up on her posts (which are more regular than mine at the moment!).


  1. Looks like a fantastic big family gathering :)

  2. It's good to get together like this, isn't it :-) So glad you're having such a great time! xx

  3. What a wonderful gathering--and great photos! I love Alyssa's dress; remember when I could put Sarah in something like that--now that was a long time ago!

  4. Looks like a fabulous time, Rhona! That little Alyssa is just the cutest thing!!! xo