Thursday, 12 August 2010

2 in 1 day ;o)

I know, you don't hear from me in ages and now two posts in one day - what is going on!!
Emily took this photo of me today so that I could use it in my monthly tag book. I had my hair cut last night. I had been growing it for a while but it had got to the stage where I found myself tying it back every day or putting it in a pony tail - I didn't like the hair hanging down the sides of my face and felt it didn't have any shape any more. So last night, when we went for our regular trim I decided to have a change. I think there must have been 2 - 3 inches cut off and the sides have been shaped so the no longer "hang"! I feel so much better. Another month or so and it'll probably be time to go and top up the highlights with the sun not coming out as much (ssshhh, I don't want to say winter is coming!) And I thought I'd post the final photo of our sunflower which I downloaded off the camera at the same time. They are just starting to fade now but they have been really beautiful. We did look them up and they definitely are sunflowers ;o) but I can't remember their name. I guess Dad got a mixed packet when he planted this year's sunflowers :o)


  1. I'm growing mine at the moment and it is driving me nuts! Well done for lasting as long as you have - the new cut is lovely :-)

  2. Love the new haircut. And that sunflower is amazing. So different than the usual ones we see here.

  3. I like your haircut and am about ready to do the same to mine! Just haven't decided on a style yet.

    That sunflower is SO cool!!! I've never seen one like it before, but I love sunflowers anyway so this one is really great. xo