Thursday, 12 August 2010

Playing with digital

After reading Cathy's blog this morning I checked to see if I had her Monthly templates (which I had) and thought it might be fun to play with digital scrapbooking again. These were the two pages I came up with.
I don't claim to be very good at this and I still think my pages look a bit flat but it was fun to put some photos from this month into the templates and I could possibly see this as something I might like to do and then make a book with them all in once I'd completed a year's worth. Another option might be to use the templates to print out my photos the correct size and use them on paper layouts instead. There are definitely possibilities :)


  1. I love these pages, Rhona. I'm signed up for one of Cathy's classes scheduled to start next month and am holding off purchasing any templates because I think there will be a couple of them provided in the class materials. You have inspired me with these! Well done!

  2. I love to use these templates, did you know that they look really good printed at 8x10 and then mounted on cardstock? We can't get 8.5x11 printed easily in Australia and there is a lot of space in the margins of these templates ... it helps with adding dimension to the pages. I've decided I'm happy to use these as a simple template and I don't worry too much about dimension, I did when I first started but it doesn't bother me now.

  3. I love these templates and have about four months worth I want to do. Yours are inspiring. Like Amy, I almost always print my digital templates and put them on cardstock and perhaps add just an embellishment or two. Sometimes I leave the title off and use Thickers for the title as well.