Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Playing catch up

This afternoon has been spent catching up with my tag books. I've been making notes of what I've done most days but today I sat down to transfer my notes on to my tags. My problem is, I haven't taken photos every day so I'm going to have to use general photos from around the house/garden to fill in on those days - either that or leave those days photo free. June is complete but needs to have the holes punched and rings added to hold it together. July has a few days left to write up and August is nearly up to date.
I feel so much better for getting this done at last! It's fun to flick through the books and see the photos and read the everyday happenings :o)


  1. I keep THINKING about catching up with the POTD project, and until recently I had a photo from nearly every day, but I finally recognized last week that I just didn't care enough to go back and organize three months worth of photos. I do want to do some monthly collages with Cathy Z's templates, and I need to get a move on with those! Good for you for catching up! I think your general photos will do very nicely

  2. It really will be worth all the effort I'm sure - we've been catching up on this years pages for school albums this morning and a browse through some of the previous years really kept us going!