Monday, 23 August 2010

28 Weeks Today

Claire is 28 weeks pregnant today. We normally take a couple of photos on the 20th of each month (I can't remember why we started on the 20th, but we did). This morning we were back at the Princess Royal for Claire blood tests to be taken.
She had the morning off but was back in work this afternoon. Craig was working late tonight so, when we remembered we hadn't taken proper photos on Friday, we decided to take a few this evening :o)
Claire says there is no way any of you can say she hasn't got a bump now ;o). It's certainly getting bigger and growing week by week. Less than 3 months now till baby is due!


  1. Definitely a baby in there! How exciting. We have a long wait for ours to show up!

  2. Yes, there is a bump there for sure! My sister is due at the start of February so we are all excited here too ... she's just starting to show.

  3. She's so lucky to have you documenting her journey :)

  4. :o) These pictures make me happy. This is so exciting!!! xo

  5. A gorgeous set of photos! Claire looks so well!