Monday, 11 October 2010

Lunch in the sun

Once it warmed up the sun was beautiful today and I finally got to sit outside and eat my lunch at 2.15pm.
Lunch consisted of an apple and a tuna mayo sandwich with cucumber and some juice.  I did start the book but only read the first few pages before getting up to carry on with the housework.


  1. It sounds like the calm before the storm :) not many more weeks to go now.

  2. Ahh, bliss.... Till you mentioned the housework!!

  3. I can't believe how warm it has September I was freezing....and very tempted to turn the heating on....and now a late summer.

  4. Sunny here today, but still chilly.

  5. You sound like me, Rhona. I'm always distracted by something that needs to be done around here.

    Our weather is gorgeous right now! It's finally cooled down and we have the doors and windows open. Last Friday was the first time our air conditioning didn't run for 5 months!