Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sunday afternoon walk

On Sunday Emily said she'd like to come with me when I took Cloud for a walk - which to me = I can take my camera and get a few photos :o)  The weather was beautiful and it was such a pleasure to be out walking - unlike today when it feels rather chilly and I've been putting off going out!

These red leaves looked stunning against the blue sky.
 We walked down the road where my brother lives and the sun was just catching these houses as it started to set.
 Emily noticed the light in these trees - so pretty.
 And some hints of red as we start on our way home again.
 St Swithun's church tower can be seen all around East Grinstead.
This photo makes me laugh!  Cloud is normally quite fussy and likes me to hold her lead when we go out for a walk and she walks right next to me most of the time. However, because I was taking photos, Emily was holding the lead. For this shot I told Emily to wait down the hill while I ran up to take the photo but Cloud wasn't having it and came running after me until her lead ran out and she couldn't go any further lol! Emily just stood laughing as I tried to get the photo ;o)
 You can see our house as you walk into our road.
And we go down the side path and in the gate behind the house.  
Now I need to brace myself and go out for a walk with Cloud, who has been waiting patiently all morning while I've been taking photos for the Food Blog Hop - coming up soon.


  1. How lovely to see your neighborhood and your typical walk path. The photo of Cloud and Emily is too cute. LOL

    I just did my "project" and photos for Amy's blog hop yesterday myself. Looking forward to the hop! xo

  2. Cloud is so cute! I like the new look of your blog.

  3. It's always nice to come round the corner and see home - and it has been nice to get a glimpse of your neighbourhood today.

  4. It's all beginning to have a very autumnal look to it now. I love the trees as they change colours...not so much once the leaves have actually fallen.

  5. Lovely photos - the light is beautiful, and I love the one of Cloud trying to run to you! :-)