Thursday, 2 December 2010

2nd Snow Day

We had another 7 inches or so of snow again last night - the snow on the patio table now measures 15 inches. I don't remember this much snow in such a short space of time since we've been back in the UK. 
 The view from our back door

 Snow on the plant pots.
 From the front door
 Craig (who had to go back to work today, brrr!)
 My car (I don't see it moving any time soon!)

It's still snowing as I type this so I wonder what it'll look like by the end of the day ;-)


  1. We have a very similar vista,Rhona....I can hardly believe it.

  2. It certainly makes for some stunning photos - we have virtually nothing, just some crunchy frost! I hope you are all keeping safe and warm

  3. Wow, way more than London! Your photos are fab; snow is so beautiful, if only it weren't such horrible stuff!

  4. That's a LOT of snow. Your snowfall made our local news tonight!