Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The snow has arrived!

We woke up yesterday to a layer of snow on the ground but not deep enough for the schools to close (much to Emily's disappointment)
Heading off to school 
Walking with her friends 
It continued to snow all day and was still snowing last night 
By early this morning there was significantly more snow 
as can be seen in these photos - taken just after 7 this morning 

I went outside a short while ago and saw the rose bush balancing snow on its leaves and, as you can see by the flecks in the background, it's still snowing and they're predicting that it'll continue all day. Could be interesting!
And because we need photos of Alice in a post, here she is in a little outfit Claire's been so looking forward to putting her in :) 
She does look very cute!


  1. We've had a ton of it thrown on us overnight....and still snowing...and our schools are definately closed today!!

  2. Wow. That is a LOT of snow!

    And I'm thinking that Alice Rose is going to look adorable no matter what outfit Claire puts her in. xo