Friday, 10 December 2010

December Daily Day 9

The Santa photo is quite blurred but I decided to use it anyway. I think you're okay to read the journalling again in this one.
Clockwise from top left:  The rubbish truck finally arrived to collect our landfill rubbish; Alice wearing a little outfit given to her by Great Grandma, for the first time; our new slim tree; working on my December Daily pages.



  1. I'm glad you used the Santa shot, blurry or not. It's always fun to see a random Santa. :o)

    I assume that your garbage truck hasn't been around because of the snow? Hard for me to imagine as ours is collected every Monday (and recycle gets picked up on Wednesdays). Although, we never have extreme weather conditions that would prevent it.

    I'm loving your December pages, Rhona! xo

  2. Alice is getting so big!!

    Love your pages!

  3. Great Santa, you get the fun and the atmosphere :-)

    I love that you've incorporated the making of the DD pages into a DD page!!

  4. I'm echoing Deb's comment about the random Santa! Any Santa is good, I think.