Thursday, 9 December 2010

December Daily Day 8

Top L-R: Alice with Daddy; my orchid is flowering again!
Middle L-R: my red and green M&Ms on my bookcase in the "craft rooom"; Emily (starting to feel a bit better)
Bottom L-R: Alice's birth certificate :); shopping online :)

Another quiet day at home but I did start with some Christmas present organising/buying :)  We were supposed to be going for coffee this morning but I have parcels that should be delivered and no one else is home so I think I'll be home again today - perhaps I should think about making tags and wrapping some of the presents.



  1. A big pile of Amazon boxes is pretty much what my shopping looks like too! Love Amazon.

  2. Hi Rhona ~ Just catching up over here. I love that you are doing these Christmas journal pages. It's fun to have a glimpse into your Christmas season.

    BTW, I am very impressed with the photos you've been posting. I LOVE the one of Alice's crib toy with her sleeping in the background. Well done, my friend! xo

  3. Excellent work Rhona - this is coming together very well!

  4. So good to catch up on your recent posts, Rhona! Congrats on featuring in Shimelle's promptS, well done you xx And I'm glad you liked the goulash :-)

  5. I love the idea of photographing the packages.

  6. Why haven't I thought of taking photos of the packages as they arrive here? I'm sure you'll see one in my Christmas Journal now!