Friday, 28 January 2011

Cutest Tatty Teddy!

Hugh's girlfriend, Sarah, bought Alice this little Tatty Teddy snow suit before she was born and this week she was able to wear it :)  It is so soft and cuddly and Alice looked so cute in it.  The snow suit is for 3 - 6 month olds but, although a little bit big, it fits her much better than the 0 - 3 month one. Can you believe she was 10 weeks old yesterday! 
Our beautiful Tatty Teddy ;o)
 Love that little tongue
(I've put quite a few new photos on Facebook for those who are friends with me.)
 When I took the rubbish out today, I noticed the first signs of new life in the garden. The crocuses are starting to come through - yippee!! I love when this happens as it makes me think that Spring is just round the corner (in my mind, it is!!). 
Can't wait to see some colour in the garden again, this makes me very happy!!

On that note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Cute. Cute. Cute! Ah, Spring, hurry!!!

  2. She looks so cute,Rhona.
    Not many signs of spring round's trying to snow!!

  3. Adorable! It will be weeks before any green shows up here. So sad . . . it's hard to be ready for spring when so much winter is left!

  4. She's so sweet! I got the biggest smiles earlier :)

  5. She looks so cute and squeezable in that little snow suit!

    And what a lovely sign of spring, just around the corner!!!

  6. Spring?? We have feet and feet of snow and bitter temperatures.

    The name Tatty Teddy is so cute and the baby is adorable in the suit. And such a beautiful face!!!

  7. It's so exciting when they grow into the gorgeous outfits that were put aside for them - but so sad when they outgrow a favourite item! She is just *adorable* :-)