Sunday, 6 February 2011

I am still around :)

I know I'm not posting regularly and I do apologise for that. I've been keeping busy recently with the decluttering I mentioned in previous posts. I had been going to order a skip for the rubbish but after seeing how much the cost of hiring one has gone up, I changed my mind.  As a result, I have been doing trips to the tip with rubbish, trips to the charity shops and in between those, getting on with sorting out more stuff! Nearly all the kitchen cupboards have been cleared - anything that was past it's best before date has been thrown out and anything that hasn't been used for ages (and isn't likely to be used any time soon) has also had its marching orders. Each time I make a trip to the tip and throw the bags into the huge skips it's like another weight has been lifted off my shoulders. However, coming up this week is my craft area!! I know I'm not good at getting rid of craft stuff but, realistically, I also know I have a lot of stuff I'm not likely to use which was bought years ago when I first started scrapbooking. I'm not looking forward to this part of the decluttering but it's got to be done!!

I did, however, manage to take some photos of the beautiful Miss Alice. I have too many to share but the ones below are some of my favourites and every post needs photos :)

And one to make you smile :).  As I came down the stairs yesterday I spotted Mac sitting in the bay window like this - he's such a funny cat and has such personality!  Too cute.

Have a great week and I'll be back when I can.


  1. I am always horrified when I clear out the kitchen cupboards at how far out of date some items are....and always vow never to let it happen again!!!
    I'm also a terrible hoarder with craft stuff.....but have got rid of some on Ebay recently.
    Alice is certainly growing fast....Little A is almost sitting on her own now.....they don't stay babies for long!

  2. Well, good luck with the cleaning out of your craft supplies! If you're like me you'll actually have fun going through it and not end up getting rid of much. I always think, "Hey! I totally forgot about this...I want to make something with it...can't get rid of that..." :o)

    The photos of Alice are adorable, and I love the shot of your cat hanging out.

  3. How on earth can your cat be comfortable?

  4. Good for you - bleh, I really ought to do some decluttering myself!

    Gorgeous photos, but that goes without saying :-)

  5. Good luck on the craft stuff!!

    Alice is absolutely adorable. :D

  6. You are an inspiration! I need to go through so many things here, but mainly our basement which is filled to the brim with all kinds of stuff we haven't used in ages. It's cold and damp down there, and I'm avoiding it like the plague!