Friday, 18 February 2011

Kay's birthday

Yesterday was my sister Kay's birthday and the birthday tea was held at her daughter, Theresa's house. I was looking after one of Hugh's friend's son, George for the afternoon so he came with us.
George is 8.5 months and was so good. He doesn't know me very well but was happy to come to me and we had no problems.  The photo hasn't turned out well at all but I'll add it in anyway because one thing it does show is George's foot moving ;o).  His little feet hardly kept still - he'd sit playing with the toys with his feet going round and round. Too cute! He enjoyed a little bit of chocolate cake and the snacks his Mummy had packed for him but I think he was happy to see his Daddy when he arrived to pick him up.
 My Mum and Dad were there - Mum's camera out and ready :)
Kay, holding Alyssa, Tyler and Theresa ready for the candles to be blown out. Tyler was ready to help his Nanny and had also helped his Mummy with the baking the day before. Well done Tyler! :)
Emily is always ready to relax after getting home from school and yesterday took a book with her to read. I didn't take as many photos as I would normally and missed getting my brother Iain and Claire. :(

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