Thursday, 27 October 2011

So Happy :)

I haven't been able to get this for ages!!
 but today it was back on the shelf at Waitrose - which makes me so happy!! Nothing nicer than a cup of Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate on a cold night, mmmmm :)

And a couple of photos of Jon opening cards and presents yesterday.

He had a good birthday and we had a lovely meal out with Emily and my Mum and Dad (but I forgot to take my camera).

Quieter day today - coffee with friends this morning; a quick visit to Claire and Alice to see how Alice is - she's not been 100%, has been very clingy and has a runny nose. We think she may be teething again but she's definitely not her normal happy self :(   Now to go and make a start on the last six months filing!



  1. Happy Birthday to Jon!!!

    Hope Alice is feeling better soon.

  2. Turkish delight is totally a NOT American thing. When I was a kid, reading the Narnia books I imagined it as ... basically baklava. When my kids first started reading the books, we hunted up a recipe and what we made was DREADFUL. I think it must have been very wrong.

  3. Happy birthday to Jon! And I hope Alice is better now xx

    I haven't seen the Turkish Delight hot choc for ages either, but Asda have started to do their own version so I picked up some of that to try this week :)