Thursday, 24 May 2012

Photo a Day : 23 & 24 May 2012

This week has been a bit higgildy piggildy because Claire didn't work her normal days.  She normally works Monday, Wednesday and Friday but this week was asked if she could change and work Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  This means I haven't had Alice for the last couple of days. The weather has been wonderful and I have made the most of it by sitting outside and having my lunch. However, I haven't been that good at taking photos so I'm going to have to make do with what I have.

23 May 2012
Yesterday I made another trip to Sainsbury's for a top up shop - fruit, veg and baking supplies. These roses on special caught my eye as I walked through the door and I decided to treat myself. 

24 May 2012
This photo was taken this evening when Jon got home from work. Whenever we have decent weather he likes to head outside to check for any last emails.

I spent most of the day in the kitchen baking today. I haven't mentioned, up until now, that I have a rather significant birthday coming up this weekend ;o) and, seeing as I have Alice tomorrow, I thought I'd better make a start on some baking.  It probably wasn't the best day to do it as the temperature was up to about 26C. Add to that the oven being on in the kitchen and it was quite warm!  However, I'm glad to have made a start and there are just a couple more bakes to make either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.  We have the family coming round on Saturday afternoon for a birthday tea and I'm hoping the weather will hold so we can sit outside.

Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend?


  1. In case I don't get the chance at the weekend Happy Significant Birthday x

  2. Oh yes, Happy Significant Birthday from me too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy all of the baking!

  3. Happy Birthday in advance! I hope yours is as nice as mine was earlier this month. May is a delightful time for a birthday.

    We're off to Ithaca on Saturday to the Farmer's Market and then seeing a group of friends we haven't seen in months in the evening. Sunday, all the shopping we've done in nurseries will get put into our plot at the Community Garden, and hopefully we'll get some time in our yard as well. Being away for two weeks really put us behind with spring clean-up and planting.

  4. Happy big birthday! You've certainly got the weather for it - so get out there and celebrate :)

  5. Enjoy celebrating your significant birthday, how lucky to have sunshine for your special day.
    Our plans for the weekend include catching up with friends who moved to Belgium 3 years ago. They are visiting family in our area and so tomorrow 12 of us are meeting up for a pub lunch. I shall raise a glass to you!