Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Local Diamond Jubilee Parade

 On Sunday we had a local parade through East Grinstead to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Mum, Emily and I went in to town a bit earlier to have a coffee and see if I could get some photos.
 We all wore some form of red, white and blue to play our little part - Mum's rings were red, white and blue too :)
 Caffe Nero's had their bunting out 
 There were flags ready to be waved and even the rain wasn't dampening people's spirit
 I love people watching and this was the ideal opportunity :)
 Even down to patriotic wellie boots 
and water proofs.
Loved these little ones with their flags and crowns :)
We ended up standing next to this lady and gentleman. They were such fun and made the wait for the parade that much more enjoyable.
And finally, a few shots of the parade itself

Cheering everyone on :)
Emily's friend, Natalie (light blue hoodie on the left) was part of the guides section.

I'm told this bus was from 1952
The Church's part of the procession
with Minister, Geoff Bell and his dog walking the route too.

We then made it home just in time to see the start of the flotilla on the Thames.  What a wonderful weekend it's been and how fantastic to see all the support for the Queen.  



  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun! They showed a bit of coverage on US news today, but I love seeing your pictures. I have a friend that's studying abroad in England right now and he was telling me all about the parade - so cool! Glad you had fun!

  2. Looks like a great parade. It's been a really good weekend. hope you had fun :0}

  3. We didn't have a parade....but had great fun at our street party.

  4. You are REALLY good with the camera. Loved the photos. Sure wish you'd send some of that rain our way, the grass is browning and crunchy beneath our feet and it's only June...Glad you are having a wonderful celebration. Lots of TV coverage here too.

  5. What fun! I love the people-watching shots!

  6. Rhona, your photos remind me that I am missing many shots in my albums that focus on the wider view. I agree with Sweet Tea, you are really good with the camera!

  7. we had a very low key celebration - just cupcakes and t.v. Yours looks so much more exciting.