Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Birthday Mum :)

Yesterday was Mum's birthday :)  I take my hat off to her.  The last few months have been difficult, we've seen Dad have a stroke, spend 7 weeks in hospital and finally come home. Mum then had to step up to the plate and start caring for Dad. Things were going well when, unfortunately, Dad was taken back into hospital and had an emergency operation. We saw him in the ICU, the HDU and finally in a normal ward where he stayed for another 5 - 6 weeks before coming home again.  Again, Mum became a carer and still is. I know it's not easy but she very seldom complains and is doing a great job. At 82 that's no mean feat. Thank you for doing what you're doing Mum and remember, we are here when you need us - for whatever!  

 Claire and the girls came round to the house before we went to Mum's for coffee and cake. Alice was really excited that we were going to Great Grandma's birthday :)
 And like most little ones, was happy to help Great Grandma open her presents

 She also enjoyed  getting the chance to wear Great Grandpa's headphones to listen to the TV - even if it was football.

And Great Grandma got a chance for some Megan cuddles once she woke up from her nap.

We hope you enjoyed your afternoon Mum :)

Love you lots

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