Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the UK mothers. I hope you've enjoyed time with family and loved ones.

I am fortunate that I get to see all my children most days - Claire has her own house but is only a short drive from us and I see her and the girls often.  I had hoped to get photos of me with each of my children today but, unfortunately, by the end of the day I'd got photos with Hugh and Emily but not Claire. We'd talked about it and wanted to take them and then forgot until after Claire had gone home :(  I'll have to get one at some stage this week. In the meantime, here are a few photos from my day today ....

 I managed to get Hugh to pose with me before he went to work this morning. Thank you Hugh!

I spent time at home this morning, chatting to Norma on Skype, talking to Emily and catching up on a bit of quick blog reading.  I popped round to Mum and Dad's to give Mum her Mothers Day present and as I left, Claire phoned to say Alice had woken from her nap so I went round and picked her and the girls up.
 Megan is getting so big, another couple of weeks and she'll be 3 months old.  She is so cute to watch, when we're lucky we get the cutest smiles and if you talk to her, there's a fairly good chance she'll babble back :)
 She loves Alice and Alice loves her right back. Here Alice is showing Megan the little duck and shaking it so she can hear the rattle.  She gets upset if Megan cries for too long - though she likes to look at the photo of Megan crying in my Project Life album. It's a series of photos where Megan was quite happy in the first two and then is crying in the 3rd one. You turn over the insert and Megan's having her bottle and then smiling. Alice will now tell you that Megan was hungry in the crying one (true!) and then we fed her and she was happy again. So cute!
Alice is still very much a Grandma's girl.  Today we had the chance to sit and read books.  She likes this counting book and especially the page with the Teletubbies on it. She finds it quite funny when I sing the Teletubbies song on that page - especially when we go through all their names.
 Although we're not reading it here, another favourite book at the moment is It was you, Blue Kangaroo!  I love that she takes in the stories and is able to answer back when I ask her what either Lily or Blue Kangaroo says next.  Looking forward to getting another few Blue Kangaroo books soon.
 And finally, after having taken Claire and the girls home after dinner, Emily and I realised we hadn't taken the photos of Claire and me and of Emily and me.  We rectified the latter - not the most flattering photo but I have one :)

Hope you've had a wonderful day with your family too


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  1. What a lovely picture of you and Hugh. Does Megan have a touch of red in her hair? And those eyes....! Too sweet.