Monday, 29 September 2014


Today my "baby" turned 18!! How did that happen so quickly?

I hadn't had a chance to decorate last night so came down early this morning to get the balloons blown up and the banners put up.

Fortunately, this year Emily doesn't have any lessons on a Monday so she was able to get up in her own time.  I popped out to Waitrose for some baking supplies and to drop a car seat off at Claire's and told her not to come downstairs until I got back.

I don't think she was expecting quite so many balloons ;-)
She had had most of her presents before her birthday but there were still a few for her to open on the day.

This afternoon Claire, Alice and Megan came round once Alice finished playgroup and my Mum, my niece Theresa, Tyler, Alyssa and Brooke came round after school for a birthday tea. 

When it came to blowing out the candles, only Alyssa wanted to help.  Good job!!

I can't believe Emily is in her final year of school and will be voting in the general election next year.  All my children are now adults! I must be getting old ;-)



  1. Aw - such a lovely post, Rhona. Happy birthday to your sweet Emily! xo

  2. What a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday, Emily!

  3. Goodness, I still think of her as a young teenager!