Monday, 29 September 2014

At Simon & Liz's

Before going out each morning, we would watch the little hummingbirds at the bird feeder. Simon was saying they were bulking up ready for their flight south.  There were three that came regularly to the feeders, sometimes chasing each other off but as there were three feeders out it wasn't such a problem.  The bees were more of a problem as they'd dive bomb the birds and then go to the feeder themselves.

One of the things Emily had been looking forward to was making smores so, after dinner one night, the fire was lit in the firepit and the preparations began.

One happy young lady :)

Yup, they were just as good as we remembered.  I was just glad that two were enough for me!

The next morning while I was making a cup of tea Richard called me to see the deer in the garden. 

 To begin with we saw two walking down the side fence but they'd disappeared by the time I got my camera and I thought I'd missed my chance. A little later though, I saw a movement down at the bottom of the garden and we realised the deer were still around.

There were three this time, a mother and her two young ones.  The youngsters were having a wonderful time chasing each other and bouncing around.  I had to zoom right in to be able to capture them and fortunately the photos turned out quite well.


Finally, one of the chipmunks that could be seen in the garden. While Liz and Simon consider them pests, we thought it was quite cute to see them running around.  I guess that's because the only time we've seen them before, they've been in a cage.  I never realised how noisy they are - we could hear them cheep cheeping from early in the morning and all through the day.


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