Wednesday, 29 October 2008

It's been a few days

I keep thinking I should be blogging but something always seems to get in the way. So, a quick post before Emily and I leave for Cambridge in the morning. We've never been to Cambridge before (and it's not far from here - a couple of hours I'm told) but our neighbours moved there a month ago and invited us to come visit and we're taking them up on it. I've borrowed a SatNav from Kay (thanks Kay!!) and I've also printed out directions so, hopefully, we won't get lost along the way. It's been really chilly here so leaving around 9am sounds good to me. Give any frost/ice on the roads a chance to disappear and there's no big rush. I've no doubt I will take some photos ;o) and that they may even appear on this blog within a few days. We're only away for one night - back in time for halloween - so I'm sure I'll blog again over the weekend. Until then xx Update: Another pound lost this week brings the total to 18.5 pounds released (with pleasure!)


  1. Have a fun, safe trip! And congrats on the weight loss - yay! :o)

  2. Well done - doesn't it feel great. I joined Weigh - less on Tuesday. Decided I need the structure to keep me on the straight and narrow! Hope you have a safe trip . LOL Norma xxx

  3. Hey there! Trish tagged me (my 1st time) and I picked you for my tagee(I know that's not a word!) Hope you don't mind-but I wanted to hear 6 random things about you!!The post is on my blog with the rules :o)