Monday, 2 November 2009

A hospital visit and doggy jail ;o)

This afternoon I got news that Theresa is back in hospital. She has developed an infection and they need to keep her in to give her IV antibiotics and monitor her. As she is feeding Alyssa herself, Alyssa is at the hospital as well. This evening I went down to visit Theresa. She is still in a considerable amount of pain and her stomach is very tender. I had cuddles with Alyssa while we were chatting and changed her nappy before I left - it felt like a long time since I'd last changed a nappy ;o). I'm hoping Theresa has a good nights sleep tonight and we'll find out in the morning whether she will be kept in another night or allowed to come home. I didn't think Theresa would want her photo taken but Alyssa was happy to oblige. . . These last two photos make me smile! I was cooking dinner before going to the hospital and Cloud was fairly vocal in letting me know she wasn't happy about being in doggy jail. I grabbed my camera to take a photo but wanted to be down at her level, so lay on the floor to take the first one. She watched me - wondering what on earth I was doing - and then lay down too!! So funny!
You'll be happy to know she has since been released from jail ;o) xx
Update: Theresa improved overnight, her temperature is down and she has now been put on to oral antibiotics and is back home. Glad things were sorted out quickly and hope you're soon back to full health Theresa xx

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  1. So glad to hear that there is improvement on the health front. See you in class