Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Afternoon

This year Jon decided that after the presents had all been opened we would sing a few carols. He'd been practicing on his guitar for a number of weeks and had printed out the words for us. We sang Holy, Holy, Holy; Silent Night and Joy to the World. Mum kept us all more or less in tune with Emily a close second
Jon's brother Mike joined in
Hugh, not so much! ;o)
and I didn't hear Claire very much
After singing and before eating, I decided I would like a couple of group photos. Taking part with Journal Your Christmas this year had made me realise that I tend to take photos of present opening and then forget the rest of the day. This year I decided it would be different.
Emily, me, Hugh, Jon and Claire
Mum and Dad with the "children"
and a snap of Mum with Hugh and Emily (Claire was doing her hair at the time)
The table was brought into the lounge for Christmas because the area that the previous people used as a dining area is now my craft area/dog area. We all managed to get round the table, which was the main thing.
I stood on the stairs to take this photo ;o)
Somehow we ended up with a mens side
and a ladies side (with Jon and me at either end).
Lunch was delicious and, yes, the turkey was cooked outside on the Weber again this year. Again, by the end of the meal everyone was almost too full for pudding but we did manage to eat a little bit.
It was a fun meal with lots of chat and banter. Hugh was in top form and had us all laughing. Even the jokes in the crackers were amusing this year (and different to the ones we've normally had!).
After the meal I took Mike home and dropped Claire off at her boyfriend's house before going back to pick up Mum, Dad and Emily to go to my brother Iain's house. We had coffee and exchanged presents once again but I forgot to take my camera!


  1. That was quite a delicious Christmas meal, very yummy. Just as well we had the Carols before lunch or there would have only been the musical accompaniment, we would have been too full to sing.
    From taking part in Musicals and singing in various choirs my vocal chords have now become exceedingly rusty and when I thought that I might not manage one of the Carol verses, a dig in the ribs from Emily soon got me going again. We had a good laugh at that. Altogether, a lovely celebration. :-) xxx

  2. How lovely that you all sing together!! I think thats such a nice thing to do!!! Your dinner looks so festive too :)