Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas morning

This year is probably the latest we've been up on Christmas morning for a number of years :o). Emily woke at 4.30am but then didn't wake Claire until 5.25am and then after that woke Hugh and Sarah. I woke up at 5.50am and had to listen carefully to hear if anyone was up yet. I was supposed to be picking Mum up at 6am so I was up and dressed in a fairly short space of time ;o). I think Mum has been coming round at 6am to watch the children open presents since they came back to the UK. Dad used to come as well but has decided going out at 6am is a bit early these days!
Everyone gathered and ready to start
Mum looking remarkably cheerful so early in the morning!
Hugh played Father Christmas again this year and handed out all the presents
Hugh's girlfriend, Sarah, was with us for Christmas morning this year before going home to her family for Christmas dinner.
Starting to open presents
Sarah and Hugh
Wallace and Emily (Wallace loves Christmas morning and likes to see what everyone is opening
Sarah made Hugh's knees more festive ;o)
Watching Grandma open her present
Not sure why Claire was wearing her new scarf on her head!
Emily knows where it's meant to go!
Time to relax again
Mum went home for a while after the presents were opened but I picked both her and Dad up again at 1pm to come round for the afternoon. Jon had picked up his brother, Mike after Church. Hugh played Santa once again and handed Mike and Grandpa their presents


  1. Thats the LATEST you get up????? Oh WOW!!! Thats the middle of the NIGHT!!! Hahahahaha! Oh my!!! You're a brave lady!!! I am so cruel - I make my children wait until 7am and then they can come and wake me up! Then and only then are they allowed to go downstairs (I go first so I can get a picture of them coming downstairs lol) but wow you're all up so early!

    It looks as though you all had a WONDERFUL day :) So glad! I'm so glad JYC continues for a couple of weeks to keep the festivities going! I don't feel like it is 'all over' this time!!!

  2. It looks like everyone had a great day. We didn't start opening presents here until 9:30! Matt told us we could get him up earlier, but we were enjoying our coffee and the pretty Christmas tree so let him sleep in. We didn't get to bed until nearly 1:00 am since the church service didn't end until nearly 12:15. If you can believe it, I didn't take one photo of the present opening!!! The camera was right there, but it just didn't happen.