Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Claire's room

Claire had a 3 day weekend last weekend and decided to get stuck in and tidy her room. Believe me, it needed it!! She now has 3 bags of clothes outside her door - I'm not sure if these were just what she picked up from the floor or if they're clothes she's cleared out of her cupboard as well - I don't really want to know details. The downside of this clearing out process is that she sorts out stuff she no longer wants (or needs) and then brings them downstairs for me ;o)
A basket full of hangers (probably because the clothes are all in those black bags)
And things to go to the Charity shop. I will now need to bag these up and take them to the shop otherwise they are likely to lie around the house for a while yet.
I'm not actually complaining, I am extemely grateful she's sorting it out - for her sake and mine! She feels so much better when her room is tidy, which I can totally understand. Now to keep it nice and tidy - please!!

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