Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My day

Up until last night I thought today was going to be a quiet, uneventful day. It wasn't that I ended up doing anything very exciting but it was fairly busy. Claire was hoping her makeup was going to arrive because she had rescheduled the delivery after they couldn't deliver it yesterday. This always means that someone has to be at home all day until it acutally arrives so it becomes a bit of a juggling act.
This was our day today
First I had to drop the dogs at the Dog Parlour around 8.30am for their 6 weekly wash and trim. Claire came with me so that I could then go straight in to town and she could be at work by 9. I needed to go to SpecSavers to sort out my contact lens prescription. I wasn't over impressed when I ended up waiting nearly 3/4 hour only for it to be suggested that I go in for another contact lens assessment next week. Until I get the lenses sorted out I can't do anything about my glasses either!
Back from town and it was time to catch up on the never ending ironing. Fortunately I could watch an episode of ER while I was doing it which makes it go much quicker.
I had to take Hugh for a Physio appointment at Queen Victoria hospital at 12 and pick him up again at 1 - which gave me enough time to come home and make lunch for when he got back.
After lunch I made some lemon cupcakes from a recipe I hadn't tried before. They turned out well but I resisted trying one until tea time this afternoon ;)
Back to pick up the, now clean, dogs from the Dog Parlour. Cloud was getting frustrated in this photo because I told her to sit while I took it and she just wanted to come and see me ;) - Wallace is sitting at the back in his own little world!
Soon after we got back, Emily arrived home from school. I'd made one cupcake into a butterfly cake (with the wings made from the top of the sponge - I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!) One of those was enough so I let Emily have that one and the rest are iced normally ;).
I did a quick vacuum and tidy up before sitting down to have a cup of tea and, the aforementioned, cupcake. Even if I say so myself, they are very tasty - but then I LOVE lemon cupcakes :)
I had time to edit some photos before making dinner. Short order chef tonight ;)
I've also written up my daily tag and printed the photo for it (can you guess which one I used?). I can't believe I'm still up to date with this. I love the format, makes it seem so much more manageable.
Time to dish up dinner and if I can hog the TV, I might even be able to watch another episode (or 2) of ER
Enjoy your evening.


  1. My goodness Rhona, I'm exhausted just reading all that. Where does all that energy come from? Certainly not from me, I left all that behind years ago and I only think about energising myself occasionally. Note I said "think" !!! xxx

  2. I love that I've converted you to ER ... have you tried The Sopranos?? Those are 2 very cute pooches, but I'll stick to my Chocolate Labrador, if it's all the same.

  3. It certainly was a busy day! What impresses me the most is all the photos you remembered to take in the process. I really have a hard time remembering to take photos of daily routines! Cute, cute pooches; I don't think I've seen photos of them before.