Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wakehurst Place layout

My first layout for 2010! I was really pleased with the photos I took today at Wakehurst Place so I decided to use one of Cathy Zielske's templates from DYL 2010 to do a quick layout. I altered the template slightly by extending the photo on the bottom right and I also switched off a couple of layers that I didn't want to use. I then printed the pages on glossy photo paper, trimmed them down, layered them on blue card and then on to the black card. Super simple but I'm fine with that and I like the fact that the morning has been documented. :) You can click on the photos for a larger view if you want.
Sorry the photos aren't brilliant. Trying to find somewhere where I can take photos at night without getting shadows on them is virtually impossible. I could have waited till morning but wanted to get them on to the blog tonight.
Off to have a cup of tea (and possibly a few squares of Bournville chocolate!) and relax.
PS> Hugh has just told me someone's just posted on Facebook that we're supposed to have heavy snow again on Wednesday - I hope they're joking!!!!!

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  1. Stunning photos, and the use of the templates was just perfect. Don't you love getting photos scrapped right away? It's such a satisfying experience. I love this layout. Are you taking Cathy's class as an alum or for the first time?