Thursday, 14 January 2010

Out and about today :)

It's stopped snowing and this morning I woke to the sound of rain! Never before have I been so happy for it to rain. It hasn't rained lots but it's been enough to start the snow on the roads melting (hoping it won't turn to ice tonight!) and this morning I drove Claire to work and then met up with friends for coffee at Neros. It felt SO good!! This is what it looked like looking out our front door at 4.30pm - the fog started after lunch and got heavier as the day went on.
I bought a couple of magazines today and was given some more. I have enough to keep me going for a while :)
I'm getting used to washing dishes again ;o). Our dishwasher gave up the ghost after Christmas and we haven't replaced it yet so I'm washing dishes again. In a way, my kitchen stays tidier because I wash as soon as there is a little pile at the sink and then dry them to get them out of the way. Somehow it's making things look tidier - not sure why! Perhaps because the children never used to put their dishes in the dishwasher and they'd be left until I was ready to stack it?
This orchid is one of five that sit on my kitchen window sill. I bought it earlier in the year and the flowers didn't last that long. I cut it back (as the internet told me to) and it grew a couple more branches (?) and the flowers have started coming out in the past week. I love orchids, love that the flowers last so long and, more importantly, love that I haven't killed them all!! Any other pot plant in our house doesn't stand much chance unless Jon waters it (and doesn't over water it!) but the orchids I seem to be coping with. I nearly killed one in our last house (hadn't watered it for months) but my friend Alison brought it back to life when I left it with her when we were moving house and it's now one of my best flowerers (is that right?).
Dinner is cooking as I type and we need to eat a bit earlier tonight because I'm going to be looking after my great niece for a couple of hours. More on that tomorrow but for now I'm off to sort out dinner.
Have a good evening


  1. Hi again :) It's been ages since I was last on the computer - I have been sooooooooooooooo busy at school that all I do is work. Hopefully now the first week is almost over I will be able to take things a bit easier again.I have been wondering how you guys are coping with all the bad weather. Just had parents' evening and Ciaran has arrived to take me home. Will be in touch. Love to all. xxx

  2. thanks for voting for me.A friend told me about Cheryls last course,it was free.I think its just a case of keeping your eyes peeled on her blog.I'm not going to do one of her paid courses,I didn't think she was that great a teacher.She was nowhere as good as Shimelle.I'd love Shimelle to do one.
    We have thick fog here as well.